Over 100 years ago the Paul Wegner Blade Company was founded in Hagen Germany in 1908. Since then, Paul Wegner the first factory owner established a company with excellent quality, outstanding service, and still assuring a traditional company environment. The family business developed to a well-known Paper Blade Company domestically as well as internationally throughout these years. Next to the paper industry the Paul Wegner GmbH & Co. KG also focuses on the food industry, the chemistry industry as well as the automotive and colour industry. Due to the variety of products and the exceptional quality the Paul Wegner foundation advanced to a recognized business in its branch.

„We love what we do and we do it with passion“. This motto represents the company’s values and attitudes towards its customers. As a family business our main goal is to create a sustainable economy and to guarantee our employees a safe workplace. The Paul Wegner GmbH & Co. KG is a four-generation business, which aims to improve its competition internationally and to further ensure the best quality for our customers.

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